Environmental Safety Policy

The members of Axcel Gases are dedicated to continuously improving the compatibility of our operations with the environment while developing clean energy resources and supplying superior quality of products and services to customers. We recognize our responsibility to work with the environment, public and the government, while safeguarding the health of our employees and the people.

Thanks to our dedicated and hard working team that has propelled us to meet the growing needs of industrial gas. Our innovative team of workers provides eco-friendly energy source because we believe in sharing a clean earth, clean supply of drinking water and breathing clean air. And with stringent quality control, we ensure compliance with the EPA guidelines and feel proud to leave almost zero carbon imprints.

Environmental Principles

The members of Axcel Gases continuously dedicate efforts to improve their operations compatibility with the environment while building economically robust energy resources and delivering superior quality products and services to clients.

Clean Air

We at Axcel Gases are committed to improving air quality, while meeting the energy demands of our country.

Health And Safety

The members of Axcel Gases are committed to protecting the environment, and the safety and health of people who share it. We, therefore, deploy robust research methodologies, training and information transfer to maintain our pact with the environment.

Climate Change

We at Axcel Gases have established industry and individual goals and are proactive in meeting them to decrease global warming emissions.