Industrial Gases Supplier

Axcel Gases is a well known Industrial, lab grade and calibration gases supplier, exporter and manufacturer in India. we produce gases of different purities and concentrations to meet the requirement of distinctive industries and enterprises. At Axcel gases, we believe that the right gas can help you do more with less expenses. It can help you to achieve raise productivity, increase operational flexibility, and lower long-term production cost. We understand your business goals first before recommending a gas, so that you can retrieve the most out of the it and save cost.

The most common Industrial gases that we offer, include

The quads or cascade are custom built as per specific needs and requirements. We can also provide you quads for off shore or under water working where undesired corrosion happens. For this kind of surroundings the quads are made of corrosion resistant material, galvanized and painted well to avoid corrosion.

There can be various sizes or arrangements in which a quad or cascade can be supplied depending upon pressure and volume of a gas requirement of a particular industry or its consumption pattern. This will further govern as how many cylinders of what pressure rating is required to be fitted in a most cost effective way. The final tare weight and gas volume of the complete quad depends upon the number of cylinders, cylinder pressure rating and their respective water capacity. We can provide Acetylene Cylinder quad and High pressure Seamless cylinder quads to be used for various gases like Argon, Carbon di Oxide, Oxygen and Helium etc. There are various sizes and dimensions in which Acetylene and High Pressure seamless cylinders are available. The actual size of quad will depend upon the size of cylinders fitted in it.

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