Nitrogen Dioxide ( NO2 ) Gas

We are a renowned Nitrogen dioxide gas dealers and suppliers in India. It has got a reddish brown colour at high temperatures. Nitrogen dioxide is used majorly in chemical Industry only. Nitric oxide is generated with oxidation of Nitric oxide by Oxygen in the presence of Air. Burning of fossil fuel in power plants and combustion of fuel in IC engines is also a source of undesirable production of Nitrogen dioxide. Closed door burning like in homes, cigarette smoking and other industrial combustion processes are also a source of undesirable generation of this gas.

Nitrogen dioxide is a green house gas and sometimes referred as a major Air Pollutant. It is also hazardous for living beings including human. This is the main reason, use of Nitrogen dioxide is getting undesirable day by day. This gas is also hazardous to any living being including human. Now a days, it became a major challenge to remove Nitrogen Di Oxide, a pollutant from the atmosphere for the safety of any living being.

High Pressure Seamless Gas Cylinders

Nitrogen Dioxide Steel Cylinders

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Nitrogen Dioxide Aluminum Cylinders

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Uses Of Nitrogen Dioxide:

  • In Chemical Industry for production of Nitric Acid.
  • In chemical explosives.
  • In chemical Industry.
  • As a rocket fuel.
  • For Instrument / sensor calibration purpose.

These are some of the common uses of Nitrogen dioxide. There are various other ways in which Nitrogen dioxide can be used in a particular industry or process.

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