Gas Cylinder Manifold And Pipeline

We are a renowned Gas manifold and Gas pipeline manufacturer, supplier and exporters in India. In some industries or applications, un-interrupted high volume of gas is required to be feed at a regular flow rate and pressure. In this kind requirements the usage of conventional gas cylinders on one at a time basis, becomes highly undesirable because of its low volume, time wasted in cylinder changeover, cylinder handling, gas wastage and gas supply discontinuation at the time of cylinder changeover etc. Also due to safety reasons, keeping the high pressure gas cylinders inside the factory shed is not recommended at all. To overcome this situation, various types of gas manifolds systems are installed and used outside the factory shed and gas is being taken inside at the production floor using Gas manifold and gas pipeline systems.


We undertake complete onsite gas manifold and gas pipeline installation, erection and commissioning. The manifold system is used to connect number of cylinders to simultaneously dispense the gas. The quantity of cylinders required to be used simultaneously, depends upon particular usage pattern of a particular industry. Manifold system is equipped with cylinder isolation valves, bunch isolation valve, cylinder connecting tubes, pressure gauge, pressure relief safety device and regulators as per need. The MOC of the High pressure manifold can be Copper or Stainless Steel depending upon type of gas to be used. High pressure or low pressure pipeline is also installed by our experts to carry the gas from manifold to the work floor.

Uses of Gas manifold and gas pipeline

  • No wastage of time during empty cylinder changeover
  • Continuous uninterrupted supply.
  • Safety to human life due to cylinder operations outside the production floor.
  • Saving time and cost by less handling of cylinders.
  • Hassel free operations on production floor.
  • Cost saving due to less wastage of gas.

We under takes complete project of installation of Manifold and pipeline system at customer’s site and as per their drawing and requirement. The whole system is being pneumatically tested for any leakage or defect at a pressure 1.5 times of the working pressure.

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