Argonite Gas

What is Argonite Gas ?

Argonite is an Ineart Gas Mixture used for the purpose of extinguishing fire inside a closed room or enclosure. Typical composition of Argonite, also called as IG 55, contains mixture of Argon & Nitrogen Gases. Both of these gases in their pure form are available in atmosphere and may be termed as Ineart in nature. Argon and Nitrogen Gases are produced from Atmosphere using Cryogenic Distillation / Air Separation techniques. Both of these gases thus produced individually are mixed in a controlled manner using highly accurate techniques to give a proper composition of Argonite Gas.

Why Axcel Gases?

Axcel Gases being a manufacturer of both these gases are well equipped and highly experienced for the production and mixing of such gases and providing a good quality product. The main function of Argonite Gas upon flushing is to deplete Oxygen inside a room/enclosure to such a level that it does not help in burning. Argonite does not leave behind any residue or toxic material. It does not create any threat of Environmental Hazard or does not deplete the Ozone layer and that is why it is called an environment-friendly gas. Axcel Gases is well Equipped to Fill Argonite Gas Cylinders upto 300 Bar.

Common Uses & Application in Industry :

  • In a Flooding system to remove/extinguish fire from an Electric Room, Sub Stations & Control Rooms.
  • To Extinguish Fire inside a highly sensitive Electronics Room.
  • To extinguish fire happened in a Flammable Liquid Storage Vessel / Room.
  • To Extinguish Fire of a generator/engine room.

These are some of the common uses of Nitrogen. There are various other ways in which Argonite can be used in a particular industry or process.

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