Ethylene ( C2H4 ) Gas

We, Axcel gases along with our associated companies are a renowned Ethylene Gas supplier and distributers in India. Ethylene is a chemical compound which is highly flammable, non toxic, non corrosive, colorless and odorless gas in its pure form. It has got a boiling point of -103.7o C. Ethane is mainly a natural gas which is available under earth and under sea bed. Major source of Ethane are Natural oil & gas fields and gets separated during steam cracking process.

Ethylene is available in different purity grades and concentrations to meet the specific requirement of diverse industries. We have in house laboratory equipments to check the level of purity as well as concentrations. Ethylene is majorly used in polymerization and then to make plastics of different types and grades. Our experienced professionals can use their knowledge to provide you solution to fulfill your unique requirements.

High Pressure Seamless Gas Cylinders

Ethylene Gas Steel Cylinders

For different type of cylinder sizes


Ethylene Gas Aluminum Cylinders

For different type of cylinder sizes.

Uses Of Ethylene Gas

  • As a Polymerization Agent for production of Poly Ethylene.
  • In Production Ethylene Oxide.
  • In production of Ethylene Glycol used as antifreeze in Automobile Industry.
  • As a Fruit Ripening Agent.
  • In Gas Welding when mixed with Oxygen in specific ratio.
  • As a calibration gas mixture when mixed with any Inert carrier gas, to check and calibrate the laboratory or research grade instruments.

These are some of the common uses of Ethylene. There are various other ways in which Ethylene can be used in a particular industry or process.

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