Introduction – Egypt

Egypt is transcontinental country, a part of the Arabian Republic. This is the only Eurafrasian contiguous nation. The country has population of 90,000,000,000+ and is one among the highly populous countries in Arabia and North Africa. It is also the middle and regional power of North Africa enjoying significant military, cultural, and political influence. In the whole of Middle East, it has the most diversified and largest economies.

The major industries in Egypt relate to tourism, agriculture, media, natural gas, and petroleum imports. Economy relies mostly upon tourism, Suez Canal revenue generation, and Egyptians working in Persian Gulf, Europe, or Saudi Arabia. The total GDP is $1.04 7 trillion and the GDP per capita is $ 11,849. Based upon this, its economy is 24th in the whole world.

Tourism: this sector employs approx. 12% of the total workforce in the country.

Energy: it is the second largest producer of natural gas in Africa.

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