Introduction – Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a republic in Central Africa. Earlier, it was a Spanish colony. Among all the African sovereign states, only this has Spanish as the official language. The estimated population is 1.2 million + as per the latest statistics. The country has the reputation of being among the largest producers of oil in all of sub-Saharan countries. It is no wonder that the per capita income here is the highest among African nations. The per capita GDP gives it the 69th rank across the world. Uneven distribution of wealth leaves one cross section of the society poor. The total GDP is $ 23.744 billion and per capita GDP is $ 28.923.

Fishing, farming, and forestry are the other revenue generation streams.

  • Oil: this is the major GDP source for the whole country.
  • Farming: this is mostly on the subsistence level.

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