Introduction – Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is a country in Africa. This country holds the largest GDP in East and Central Africa. One of the countries in Africa that does not have oil reserves as its main source of revenue. Rather, it has other sources of employment and the climate here is also better as compared to other countries in Africa.

With a population of 45,010,056, the country is the 31st most populated country in the world. The capital of the country, Nairobi is also the largest commercial hub. The country is also the founding member of the East African Community. The total GDP of the country is $142.742 billion according to the reports of 2015 and the per capita GDP of the country is $3,238.

The country has seen a tremendous growth in sectors like:

  • Tourism
  • Telecommunications
  • Tea and Coffee sector
  • Service sector has also seen a boost with 62% of GDP coming from it
  • Transport and Construction
  • Substantial improvement in agriculture

The growth rate in the GDP of the country has been expected to be 4-5% in the coming years.

How can Axcel Gases help?

Kenya has seen growth in many industries and all these industries require good products and machineries. This is especially needed in the agriculture industry because 75% of the employment comes from that sector. With such a heavy reliance on the sectors like transport and construction, the availability of industrial products like: Cryogenic containers, Gases, Cylinder manifold, Cylinder valves, and Cylinder quads becomes very important and this is where Axcel Gases can help the country’s economic growth.

With the leading gas cylinder manufacturer exporting its superior products to Kenya, there are bound to be improvement in efficiency.

Axcel Gases products:

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