Introduction – Nigeria

Nigeria is a rapidly developing country of West Africa. Being an officially democratic secular country, Nigeria has 36 states and the capital of the country is Abuja. It is referred to as “Giant of Africa” because of a large population density (182 million) and the economy ($ 573 BB). It stands seventh in the list of the most populated country in the world. With its colossal population, the country exhibits a potpourri of cultures, foods, and occupations.

Recent economic reports reveal, Nigeria is the 20th largest economy, with a GDP of $573 billion and $1 trillion dollars in terms of purchasing power. Nigeria has shown growth not only in its GDP but also many other arenas and has been recognized as an emerging market by the World Bank. Nigeria is the United States’ largest trading partner in the sub-Saharan Africa – it is the 14th largest exporter of goods to the U.S. With the country taking a lead over South Africa and identified as an emerging market in the continent, oil and mining industries and agriculture are helping it to attain a higher GDP.

For Nigeria, the industries include:

  • Agriculture – 30% of Nigerians are farmers or engaged in agricultural activities.
  • Oil – the country is the 12th largest producer of petroleum and the 8th largest exporter of oil in the world.
  • Mining – the country has vast unexploited natural minerals and ores and is rapidly emerging
  • Manufacturing- the country is a colossal manufacturer and exporter of leather and textile consumer goods.

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