Industrial gases are used across various industries and are gaseous at room temperature and pressure. So according to the various industrial needs, there are different variations of gas cylinders used across the industries. Thus, these open up a lot of opportunities for gas cylinder manufacturers.

According to the different industries, the type of gas cylinders varies and these industries include chemicals, power, medicine, electronics, aerospace, and even food. These gases though useful can be flammable and come along with other dangers. So, gas cylinder manufacturers make it very clear to manufacture different types of gas cylinders for different types of industrial gases.

Some of the most common types of cylinders which nearly all the gas cylinder manufacturers in India produce are as follows:

  • High Pressure seamless gas cylinders Manufacturers: Axcel Gases is one of the top gas cylinder manufacturers & produces high pressure seamless gas cylinders which are the type of cylinders used for the gas transport and storage for industrial, civil engineering, health care, food industry and also across fire extinguishing applications. These materials used in the seamless gas cylinders also constitute the main materials of breathing apparatuses.

Axcel gases is one of the leading and world best seamless gas cylinders manufacturers in India and provide quality assured products in this ranges.

  • Acetylene Cylinders manufacturers: Though pure acetylene gases are odorless, the impurities added to the gas for commercial use makes it having a marked odor. The Acetylene cylinders manufacturers in India make sure that the gas is used purely in their applications across the gas welding and portable lighting.

The other name designated to the Acetylene gas cylinder are dissolved acetylene gas cylinders and D A gas cylinders. The cylinders are manufactured by the Axcel gases keeping in mind the use of specially designed carbon alloy cylinders shells which should be filled along with the monolithic porous mass.

  • Aluminum Cylinders manufactures: Gas cylinders manufacturers produce a wide variety of aluminum cylinders which are extensively used across different industries. The wide range of aluminum cylinders includes lightweight aluminum cylinders, nitrogen gas cylinders manufacturers, calibration gas cylinders, co2 medical grade gas cylinders, and other industrial gas cylinders.

The gas cylinder manufacturers make sure that they deliver the aluminum cylinders which do consists flow control regulator as it is very essential across various industries to control the flow of gases. Axcel gas manufactures aluminium gas cylinders which comes along with pressure gauge used for keeping a check on the pressure exerted by the gas, adaptor and carrying bag for the cylinder.

  • Carbon Composite cylinders: gas cylinders manufacturers also produce these types of gas cylinders which have vividly usage across some special parts of industries. These cylinders are professionally designed for individuals who need to transport these cylinders frequently like firefighters and EMTs.

The most important part of these gas cylinder manufactured by the Axcel gas are they are very compact, durable and resistant to any kind of tearing and cracking. The maximum inlet pressure which can be withstood by these cylinders is up to 3000 psi.

These are the four basic and most widespread type of gas cylinders used across various industries and Axcel gases is one of the leading and supreme quality gas cylinders manufacturers in India.